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tCell provides real world, effective protections from OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities and common misuse scenarios, including Cross Site Scripting, SQL Injection, Command Injection, Account Takeover, Clickjacking and more.

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Separate Breach from Attack

Websites are constantly being probed for weaknesses. The average app will see a minimum of 15,000 suspicious requests a month. The vast majority of these attack attempts will fail, but 1 will succeed. As in the case of XSS, 1 out approximately 100,000 attempts succeed.


tCell’s unique ability to use both WAF techniques to see attack attempts and RASP techniques to see actual breaches solves this problem. tCell can collect data on attackers, and raise high priority alarms on likely breaches.

Information, Not Data

tCell uses cloud based data analytics to report on attackers and other suspicious actors. Data collected from all sensors – HTTP request processing, inside the application, in the browser – are aggregated and analyzed in the cloud. The output is meaningful, actionable alerts on active attacks.

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Built for Cloud and Microservices

Setup tCell by adding a software agent to your servers. There are no network or proxy changes, no code change or changes to your build process. Just add the files and update your startup script. tCell works wherever your app works and can scale up to any number of servers and services.

Real Value Beyond Checkbox PCI

There are four key PCI DSS 2.0 and 3.0 requirements to meet: 1) Be situated in front of the application to detect and defend against attacks; 2) Be actively running and up to date; 3) Generate audit logs; 4) Block attacks or generate alerts that can be immediately investigated.


Any WAF checks these boxes. tCell goes further, delivering on the security needs behind the regulations. Attack detection is effective. Updates are continuously delivered from the cloud. Alerts, because they come from better data and better analytics, are actually attainable.



Before moving to microservices, we knew we had to find a better solution to protect our applications in production. tCell gave us much better visibility and provided more application context than we ever had with a WAF.

– Bernie Leung, Director of Security & Compliance, ClearSlide

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