Solutions for Security

Take the fatigue out of web application security. With tCell’s self-adapting protections against website attacks, you will accelerate your security efforts.

Get rid of WAF fatigue

Overcome the limitations of a network-based legacy Web Application Firewalls while dramatically reducing false-positive alerts with application-aware attack data. Get alerted to malicious activity within the application instead of having to guess at the impact of random suspicious network events.


In the case of XSS, one out approximately 100,000 attempts succeed. You need a way to separate attack efforts from actual breaches — while both are relevant, they require different levels of reporting and response. In the case of the traditional WAF, firewalls are limited in the breadth of detection, response and visibility of attacks.


tCell’s Next Gen Cloud WAF is able to see attack attempts vs a breach in the browser and the application. tCell collects data on attackers, and raises high-priority alarms on breaches.


Automatically detect and block website attacks
Simple CSP for XSS and clickjacking protection

Prioritize Security Risk

By having full visibility into HTTPS requests, browser activity, and application behavior, your team is better armed to deal with suspicious activity to eliminate false positives. tCell makes it possible to remove security blind-spots so you have a complete view of your application’s risk profile in one easy-to-use system.


  • Get alerted to malicious activity in real time
  • Easily identify the attacker and where they are coming from
  • Generate diagnostics reporting of the attack to recreate and share with development

Ensure Compliance

Protecting your company and customers’ data is a top priority. tCell ensures your organization is compliant and is aligned with HIPAA, PCI DSS, or SOC 2.


When you have WAF security measures in place, you can meet the four basic requirements for PCI DSS 2.0 and 3.0. But tCell goes further, delivering on the security needs behind the regulations. The result:


  • Attack detection is effective
  • Threat intelligence is continuously delivered
  • Data-driven alerts are actually attainable


Ready to eliminate your blind spots? Go beyond traditional web application security –



What Our Customers Are Saying

“We held off on implementing a traditional web application firewall because we didn’t want be tied to legacy tools that required a bottle neck configuration. tCell was the best mix of visibility into our products while still being highly performant.”

David Tsao
Global Information Security, Veeva Systems