Solutions for DevOps

Keep up with continuous deployment with the confidence that your applications will be protected from attacks.

Security at the Speed of DevOps

Accelerate application code releases without long security testing windows with tCell’s ability to accommodate CI/CD environments. tCell removes the security bottle-neck by integrating with the DevOps toolchain, automates and scales with your deployments, eliminates the need for signatures to look for threats, and utilizes machine learning for data-driven security policies.


tCell is the only DevOps security tool that simplifies the security process allowing your teams to keep up with continuous deployment. By removing the lag between security and DevOps, we help you build the foundation for a true DevSecOps organization. Companies that can eliminate this gap between good apps and great security will stay ahead of the competition and emerging threats.

Visibility in the Cloud

Cloud application development no longer means compromising on visibility or application security. Our customers launch their applications with full visibility of their attack surface area that allows them to see when they are being attacked, who the attacker is, and what type of attack it is. tCell ensures your applications and data are automatically and continuously protected against attacks in any environment including cloud, containers, or hybrid environments.

Improve communications between Security and DevOps

tCell is built with DevOps in mind to enhance visibility, collaboration, and accelerate security to match the speed of your business. tCell provides unique visibility into attacks and breaches as they occur. When you have live attack data from your applications in production, you can iteratively improve your DevSecOps security measures. Now you can make decisions based on data, not opinion so that your teams can solve security issues together.


While other SecDevOps security tools require the protections to be coded into the app, tCell just drops in at the end to protect your application at runtime.


What Our Customers Are Saying

“Care for our patients is our mission – care for their data is apart of that. We use tCell to give us insight and efficiency in our AppSec efforts.”

David Hoffman
Direct of Product Engineering, John Muir Health